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    Love of country is the most important feature of Atatürk. Avoid any sacrifice for the homeland defense. Homeland defense, and everything important than anything seen from the top of the War of Independence, Atatürk's love of country and acquiring the confidence of the nation of Turkey has an important place.


    Largest ideal of Atatürk, Turkey's most civilized and prosperous nation with high levels of existence as a nation rise. As an idealist, most wanted to achieve this goal as soon as possible.


    To search for truth and the truth of Ataturk was a way to talk. He would give the value of intelligence and science. Events a scientist would try to find truth by looking with the eye. He was saying that "Reason and logic can not handle the issue is no.''


    In the face of critical thinking before Atatürk thinkers, examine, investigate and would discuss. When the implementation of the decision were waiting patiently.


    Determined by evaluating the result of the arrival of Atatürk event would. During the Battle of Gallipoli, the enemy fleet can subtract from the anticipated take the necessary measures have changed the outcome of the war.


    Atatürk, never hesitate to tell the truth would. He was saying that "I think what I always tell people do in the presence of. f I have the wrong people will contradict me."


    Take the power of logic and a sharp intelligence Ataturk, his life has given great importance to reason and logic. This feature statesman as his universal recognition has played a major role. "Our reason, logic and intelligence to act with our most prominent feature." also in the country's problems with logic and consciousness has been moving.


    Ataturk, who sincerely believe in Allah and Islam is a religion. Many see it is possible to the words and attitude. Great Leader, in many conversations, friendly and sincere way of Allah, and Islam from the Qur'an has mentioned the respect and loyalty. To praise our Prophet, and the Turkish nation, to embrace religion and religious truth was to be recommended.

    Ataturk, 7 February 1923 at, Pasha Mosque in Balikesir listen to his sermons to those who own the glory of Islam explains that:

    "People, Allah is one, have a great chance. God's salvation, love to get over. Prophet by Allah to the people the Lord Grace officials and ambassadors have been selected to announce the religious realities. This is the basic principle, known by all of us that the Holy Quran verses are clear in meaning. Given to people who have influenced the spirit of our religion is the last religion. Is the most perfect religion. Because our religion, reason, logic, reality falls completely asleep and appropriate."


    Atatürk was a leader in many fronts. So on the one hand Turkey's revolution from the other side of the applicator has been prepared. Which works well considering both Ataturk, a leader has shown versatility.


    Atatürk society aims to remove the top of the level of contemporary civilization that has been closely involved with the national education. He was saying that "education that either a nation free and independent, glorious, exalted as a society will live, or do they leave a nation in bondage and misery."


    Mustafa Kemal was a good manager has all the features needed for. Polite behavior, honesty, order samples have been shopping with style. Required in state administration throughout the life of both the military did not place any time for adventure. Atatürk''decisions to large enough and certainly it is not the courage to enforce decisions is necessary.''Also been insistent on the decision and the result has been involved to resolve their own in the way you want.

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